Handmade rings, jewellery & bowls crafted in Kent

Roundwoodrings create wedding ring sets, commitment rings, promise rings or just that special ring to yourself, or your special someone.

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We make a wide selection of turned bowls, cake platters and goblets and yarn bowls, sourcing our wood as locally as possible.

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We create bespoke jewellery from a variety of woods, including yew, ebony, beech and walnut.

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We make bespoke dowsing pendulums from a variety of local and exotic woods. These are unique in that, unlike metal or crystal pendulums , they are unaffected by external and subtle energies such as electrical, magnetic or auric energies.

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Our tea light and candle holders are supplied with a plain tea light/ unscented candle, but you may wish to substitute these with other scented tea lights/candles such as citronella .

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Each piece is unique and they are hand crafted to hold incense sticks or incense cones, or in some cases  they can hold both and are finished with a toy/food safe oil.

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For your special day


We create that special bentwood wedding ring or matching pair of rings for you . These beautiful rings can be made from plain wood with a lining or unlined , and we can inset crystal, crushed opal, gold or silver into the wood for you. There are a large selection of woods to choose from and to make your unique ring you can plan the width of the band , inset or not, or lined with another wood to make the ring special for you . We are happy to discuss any choices including anything special you may like to be incorporated into the inset like some memorable sand from that place where you proposed or from a special holiday.

The Wedding Goblet

The use of wooden wedding goblets is deep rooted in history, and dates back to a Celtic tradition of the 17th Century.
The goblet must be made from one piece of wood, with two unbroken rings made right on the stem, where they remain forever, as a symbol of love and commitment.
When these goblets are used by a bride and groom to toast each other on their wedding day, the unbroken rings symbolise strength, unity and eternity, and invoke a never to be broken bond of love between them. This signifies longevity and happiness for the couple’s future.

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