About our bowls

We make a wide selection of turned bowls, sourcing our wood as locally as possible. They have a food safe/toy safe and vegan friendly finish applied to them, with the exception of yew wood and laburnum where we use a shellac finish as these woods are not recommended for food use.
We also make a selection of platters, cake stands, yarn bowls, pestle and mortars and on some occasion honey dippers and serving implements.
Do contact us if you have any special requests to discuss sizes, availability and prices and we are happy to see what we can create
for you.
As all of our products are hand made, we can make a similar item but as the wood is individual per piece , it will never be exactly the same in pattern/grain and sizes may vary slightly.



Yarn Bowls

Cake Platters


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Please contact us with any queries.
Email: [email protected]