Dowsing Pendulums

We make bespoke dowsing pendulums from a variety of local and exotic woods. These are unique in that, unlike metal or crystal pendulums , they are unaffected by external and subtle energies such as electrical, magnetic or auric energies; so when diagnosing they do not give false readings.
As a non conductor , they do not require clearing before use so are always ready to go and give reliable readings. They work well for any dowsing assignments, be it diagnosis , divination or healing. They are finished with a Toy safe/food safe finish oil or with a shellac finish, if you have a preference please let us know.
Prices are £53 including postage and packing in the UK plus a bag to keep your pendulum safe.


As with our earrings and other non- turned items, we find little nuggets of far too lovely pieces of wood to burn or just discard and so we try to create a few unique pieces as pendants. They maybe from British hard or soft woods or from more exotic woods. We then try to tease out the natural beauty of the wood and bring these to you on silver findings and chains, or on a rare occasion we may even be able to have some matching earrings enabling them to be worn as a set.


In our workshop we find many offcuts and pieces of wood far too lovely to discard or burn and we have taken to using these to fashion a few pieces of jewellery. Our earrings are created this way and as such are all one of a kind and we try to bring out as much of the natural beauty of the wood as we can. We finish these with silver findings and can on request replace these with surgical steel if required. Very occasionally you may find a pendant that may match to create a set.


As with our other jewellery we find some striking pieces of wood which are far too nice to discard or burn and we will fashion them into a set of cufflinks that are very individual. They lend themselves well for day or evening wear and you are unlikely to find another pair the same. We use silver plated or gold plated findings (backings) dependant on the colour of the wood. Our cufflinks are created using British hardwood, softwood and a variety of exotic woods to create them so they are a unique gift that is striking but subtle.

Tea lights

Our tea light and candle holders are supplied with a plain tea light/ unscented candle, but you may wish to substitute these with other scented tea lights/candles such as citronella . They are all finished in a toy/food safe finish. Ideal for using for that summer evening outside or in the winter to enhance that cosy evening in. They are unique and come in a variety of styles , woods, and sizes so please contact for more information and prices.

Incense Holders

Each piece is unique and they are hand crafted to hold incense sticks or incense cones , or in some cases  they can hold both and are finished with a toy/food safe oil.  We do sell these as gift sets which include Goloka incense sticks or Goloka incense cones with the holders.   Please contact for pricing.

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